Slick water

Slick Water is a water-based chemical used to reduce surface tension.

More often fracs are performed in low-permeability reservoirs, with the use of non-viscous water-based fluids and with addition of friction reducing agents.

A fluid used during fracturing treatment allows for transporting proppant by means of high pumping rate and without any gellant required. Frac fluid does not need preliminary heating.

The method described allows for reducing costs for treatment and minimizes calmatation of formation or its damage.

Newteck Well Service has an experience of performing fracturing treatment with the use of friction reducing agents

It is possible to apply the chemicals of different manufacturers and use various methodological approaches.

To increase the efficiency of application of Slick Water technology, the water and sand mixture must be pumped at maximum allowable speed.

High-rate fracs

The frac equipment Newteck has at its disposal allows performing fracs at high flow rate (up to 12m3/min).

High-rate pumping allows creating a perfect network of fractures, optimally deliver proppant to remotest stimulated well zones with no

Complexity in applying the technology:

- Need for additional pumps, high-performance blender, significant tanks stock;

- Wellbore design with maximum flow area.